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Facial Treatment


To clear

A gentle antibacterial facial based of eucalyptus lemon and salicylic acid. This facial treats breakouts and removes excess sebum. 1 hour - £49.50

Helping to soothe

A relaxing, soothing facial aimed to protect skin with sensitivity whilst he/ping heal and alleviate redness and irritation with the help of chamomile, lavender and raspberry.1 hour - £49.50

To Nourish

This facial is for dry irritated skin; this facial moisturises + regenerates the tightest and sallowest of skins with the use of Shea Butter and Evening Primrose oil.1 hour - £49.50

The Express

This facial is the perfect way to refresh your complexion with little time to spare, with the use of Quillaia Saponaria and Melissa oil.30 mins - £35.50

To Balance

This facial Is for skin with excess oil production or uneven skin tone. Balancing and Cleansing the most congested and pigmented skin with green day, cucumber and Zinc oxide.30 mins - £37.50

1 hour - £49.50

Anti Aging Facial

This facial is recommended for the smart management of aging, this facial enables a youthful smooth complexion with Antioxidant vit. E and lactic acid to retexturise and finally rose to nourish and regenerate.1 hour - £55.00

Body Treatment

Age Loc

Galvanic facial/Express galvanic

Using exclusive age loc gel - we'll be stopping aging at it's source. The galvanic facial increases the production of elastin and collagen. Clinical trials have shown that active ingredients in any skin care product become at least 70% more effective for upto 24hrs after use.30 mins - £43.50

1 hour - £64.50

Male Facial Treatment

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